small post.

hey guys. happy late valentine’s day xD
I’ll post heads soon for (late) valentine’s day.
hint: if you don’t like pink or red heads, then i suggest you don’t look at the vday post LOL.

~Orichan. ❤

Sozzzz XD

I’m posting like crazy but I haven’t posted in a while so that’s why 😄 so here’s a set to make up for it . Enjoy~Kathy

Things edited: Added K and a heart,added a tongue,added LOL,added K to the death thingy!😀


Here’s my friend Jake’s personal I edited for him from closgraalgfx! Enjoy~Kathy

Things edited:Added an scar, added Jake to the back,added an J,made a smirk, shortened the ends so they weren’t too spikey (his request)😇


Gday mate.

I’m editing a sweater and rn its not done.

I messed it up and stuff. its too basic so plz comment what improvements I can make.

thank you :*

Credits to charmheart for the sweater

And credits to cutiefactory for the blanket idea (see bottom of body)


the blanket literally looks like these biscuits lol Image result for arnott s milk coffee

remember, its not finished.

love y’all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

ayiyyii. 2 posts in one, okay? okayy.

lol im actually back with an upload. im sorry it’s been a rlly, rlly long time since ive posted an edit.
-recolored hair using a gradient with a blending tool, changed some emotions, added Ori watermark, added trpg on death head, and changed it into a short hair head (it can be long-haired too if you make extensions for this).-
Anyways, i’ll do the gif. version whenever I get the chance to.
~Enjoy. 🙂
~ Creds to moongraal ~
~Orichan. ❤

I don’t feel like doing a separate post, so hereeee.
recolored hair and split it into two colors; green and blue, changed emotions, added ori watermark,
added blink + change eye color gif., and added kero.
-If you want this head and don’t want “kero” on it, then you can remove it xD-
That was only there bc this head was originally for my brother, but he quit two days after I finished the head LOLLL.
~Enjoy. 🙂
~ Creds to original owners ~
~Orichan. ❤

Lmaoo. My head got ifiled on a site. 😂

I honestly thought there were no more ifilers but guess not 😄

i could honesty care less tho. My head just blinks anyways. Nothing special, so if y’all find it and want it, go ahead LOL. That’s all I wanted to say.

I’ll post some uploads tmr. Byeeee

~Orichan. ❤