old personal ((:

credits to bloomingflowerblog for the head.

redid the right side front view spikes, and reshaded it to my liking.

I didn’t recolor. Reshading and recoloring is not the same.

alr bye.

-ally. ❤


the anniversary special will be the personals I have now bc 738445 people keep asking for them and its only been a day since I had them, and bc I’m way too busy to edit.

I have school so I’m more inactive than usual.



brownheadplz   BROWNHEADPLZasample ok so as you can see i did an edit for the head and body i gave you guys a sample of what the head and body looks like together.

credits to ori and moongraalgfx<3

and i added blink changed the eye color and hair color.

yes, i made sure the body is indexed!


teal    chain
*update: body’s fixed. set trans -ori*

but also, the blink for the head was usper weird i tryed to fix it but it didnt work.

but anyways, the flame eyes are coming out soon.

if the bodie doesnt work pm me on graal S * put space in the middle.

credits to the ally 🙂


old edit for a friend from 7 months ago

soo I don’t remember what site I got these heads from )):

so credits to the original owners (hate saying that e.e sorry)

sorry I never edit for guys xD

k bye.

-ally ❤

gif. couple heads :)

-August 18, 2017.
girlcouplehead2 boycouplehead2   girlcouplehead4 boycouplehead4    girlcouplehead5 boycouplehead5    girlcouplehead3 boycouplehead3    girlcouplehead6 boycouplehead6
finally posted gif. versions of something i edited 🙂
-♡ 09/05/15 ♡ –
(anniversary date ! :D)
♡ added gif. versions.
☾ 1st gif. heads: blink.
☾ 2nd gif. heads: blink + eyes change to gray and back to normal
☾ 3rd gif. heads: blink + eyes turn white and back to normal.
☾ 4th gif. heads: blink + scar-color leaky thing.
☾ 5th gif. heads: blink + green & purple flames.

-Enjoy !
~Orichan. ❤

-August 17, 2017.
girlcouplehead girlcouplebody boycouplehead boycouplebody
gif. versions soon. 🙂
idk how active ill be in gfx, but ill try to edit if i have time !
also, happy almost 3 year anniversaryyyyy ❤ ily guys.
girl head:
♡ recolored hair.
♡ changed eyes.
♡ changed eye colors.
♡ changed emotions.
♡ changed death frame.
♡ added ‘orichan’ & ‘orichan <3’ watermarks.
girl body:

♡ added extensions & recolored them.
♡ indexed body.
boy head:

♡ recolored hair.
♡ changed eyes.
♡ change eye colors.
♡ changed emotions.
♡ added ‘orichan’ & ‘orichan <3’ watermarks.
♡ reshaded hair to make it look more “detailed”.
boy body:
! didn’t edit !
-Enjoy !!
~ original girl head credits to lineargraal ~
~ original girl body credits to outcastedgfx ~
~ original boy head credits to orangegraal ~
~ boy body credits to outcastedgfx ~
~Orichan. ❤



credits to zoeygraalxo and aleksgraalgfx

may look kinda familiar, I redid my first ever edit I ever posted on this site. ((:

((the original head had teal on one of the frames and I wanted it to be teal instead of purple))

the two year anniversary is in September soo uhh ya lol

alrr, sooo I finally got my laptop fixed. I can do requests again now. ((:

-ally. ❤