My best friend died today… I miss him.. 🙏🏼💔

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I got into a terrible accident… won’t be on a lot; won’t be able to edit or anything. Sorry

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Hey cuties 

EVEYRONE has been pming me if I’m still doing GFx, yes I am. I’m extremely busy though due to school work, cheerleading, and volleyball +choir. It’s hard to edit when I have much going on in life. (Unlike u guys) JK!😂❤️ but I’m sorry for not posting, I will soon!! 💛💛💛

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Me and my best friend at choir today! (Ik the tall one on the right) 


I found my old head in my files!! I wanted to share it because why not! I hope you guys enjoy! 

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  • S
  • Color of eyes
  • Streak on face
  • Smile
  • Wink
  • Tongue 


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