Yay finally a post

So guys im really sorry bout the delay. Here r some recolours i did. Credits to emmr. I really want to wear one but i like to have personals.

So guys if u decide to edit it plz give credits to me and Emmr. Or i will cut your throat.




o my

I just realised i havent posted for a long ass time. I completely forgot about the gfx n stuff.

just pm me in graal to know why i havent posted for a long time.

Zoe (trpg)



Gday mate.

I’m editing a sweater and rn its not done.

I messed it up and stuff. its too basic so plz comment what improvements I can make.

thank you :*

Credits to charmheart for the sweater

And credits to cutiefactory for the blanket idea (see bottom of body)


the blanket literally looks like these biscuits lol Image result for arnott s milk coffee

remember, its not finished.

love y’all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Read this please

Heyy. You ppl are probably wondering why i have nothing for y’all.

Here’s the reason

Idk where to get a head to edit

Pleaseee comment what kind of edit and what site i should get it from.

That would be amazing 🙂

Anyway I was bored so i did this. AND IM GOING TO KEEP IT       img_0752