Sozzzz XD

I’m posting like crazy but I haven’t posted in a while so that’s why 😄 so here’s a set to make up for it . Enjoy~Kathy

Things edited: Added K and a heart,added a tongue,added LOL,added K to the death thingy!😀


Here’s my friend Jake’s personal I edited for him from closgraalgfx! Enjoy~Kathy

Things edited:Added an scar, added Jake to the back,added an J,made a smirk, shortened the ends so they weren’t too spikey (his request)😇


screenshot_2017-01-03-12-14-50Hi guys I’m back and I’m ready to do more GFX! I came back because a lot of you are asking why I don’t post anymore. Well,I’ve been busy and I practicing gfx on my own time so ya. But I’m here now and I’m better than ever!! Thank you all for inspiring me and helping me and supporting me through all my decisions! I’m glad to be Back~Kathy