Hey guys sorry I haven’t been posting lately, been staying at a friends place for the last couple of days, my boyfriend has my laptop at home but I’ll make a post tonight or sometime soon (: 



take it.

credits to the original owners, for both of them i just made the hair into a braid added a gif and changed the emotions..

i honestly cant enjoy personals when someone thought i ifiled.

-ally ❤

inova  inova2
finally, something for the boys xD
well, this was suppose to be for a person who requested an edit for them, but i guess they got another person to do one for them?? — bascially i wasted my time. lol
so here you boys go 🙂
recolored hair, changed emotions, added Ori watermark, added small scar, and added blink + wink + smile gif.
~ Creds to outcastedgfx ~
( i believe i got it from outcasted )
~ Orichan. ❤

brownbuns-blink  blondebuns-blink
sorry. i said i was gonna post the gif versions the next day, but i got busy with school.
so here they are 🙂
gif.: blink + smile.
~Enjoy. 😀
~ Creds to original owners ~
~ Orichan. ❤

Read this please

Heyy. You ppl are probably wondering why i have nothing for y’all.

Here’s the reason

Idk where to get a head to edit

Pleaseee comment what kind of edit and what site i should get it from.

That would be amazing 🙂

Anyway I was bored so i did this. AND IM GOING TO KEEP IT       img_0752