hey guys! Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted on here… I just wanted to say Happy New Year’s Eve to you all💛! I didn’t know this site was still here (well, not dead) !! 😱

Also, almost 75,000 views?!?! OMGGG. I might edit again? Idk maybe or nah? But I probably won’t go on graal again Bc I forgot my password for my email lol. Alsooooo, it’s almost 2k17, guys! 🎊

I just hope you guys have an amazing, fantastic year for 2017 ❤️😄 Always love you guys! ~Peace out

~Orichan. 💛


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This is the personal i currently have, I don’t want it anymore so here. xx

the first one blinks and what i did was recolored the hair and a dark brown and recolored the tips light brown, fixed the shading a little bit, changed the emotions, added gif, and for the body i just recolored the tips and re indexed the body.

credits to kezzygraalgfx

enjoy 🙂

-ally ❤

Image result for tumblr dividers gif


Image result for tumblr dividers gif

lollll okayyyy this is early but i wanted to make up for not posting customs in like 4 months.😄

so I’ll start saying who edited and who they used to be for. (the boring stuff) x-x

so the first black hair upload with the pink watermark, my talented cousin, Dylan, made a guy head into a girl head, it was suppose to be a personal for me but im broke asf and i’m way too lazy to get 30k again. (i think my he said he got it off jennehgfx)

the next one, was my old personal, i got it off kezzygraalgfx, all i did was add a gif, changed emotions, and removed the shading on the face.

next one, this one i have no clue where i got it off from it was a file on my iPad and yea i don’t know, but i do know at least i changed the emotions, added earring, and gif.

next, this one used to be aimz’s personal, i added the light brown hair color, changed eye color, changed emotions, and added a gif. I got it off aleksgraalgfx.

finally, this one used to be my old personal,  i added the dark brown hair color, changed eye color, changed emotions, and added a gif. I got it off aleksgraalgfx.

body credits, most of them are from azngirlzgfx, the bowtie body is from kelsiscarletfilla, the dogtag is from aleksgraalgfx but i added a body that i liked from azngirlzgfx and re indexed it and , and the c chain body, originally i got the body off azngirlzgfx but i added the c chain, and finally i put the c chain on the side if anyone wants to add it to another body.🙂

but holy shit that was a lot of typing, anyways please give credit to me if any of you guys use these uploads, if any of the don’t work, pm me🙂


note, i stole dylans phone to change my, name, look, and status, quickly because i made him get food for me, usually, my name will be all lowercase, and usually i will be in the gang shutup or I won’t be in a gang.

i think that is it for this post, bye.😄