Hey cuties 

EVEYRONE has been pming me if I’m still doing GFx, yes I am. I’m extremely busy though due to school work, cheerleading, and volleyball +choir. It’s hard to edit when I have much going on in life. (Unlike u guys) JK!😂❤️ but I’m sorry for not posting, I will soon!! 💛💛💛

~Original Snickers 

Me and my best friend at choir today! (Ik the tall one on the right) 


Happy Graaloween!

This originates at Lyvia gfx! I edited the head a little.Made some of her smirks smiles,added blood,added vampire teeth,and added my initials! Enjoy!~Kathy


As you guys know Orichan quit. Yeah I’m Not quitting Graal but I will be very inactive. Same on here. I won’t be posting much because I am busy with school and my grades weren’t as good this first nine weeks because of my brain focusing on other things. So yeah,maybe i’ll post tmr and then go inactive. idk yet but thanks for the support!Love you all~Kathy


Hey guys. So you can probably tell I don’t post on here anymore…well, I kinda quit graal and gfx so yeah.

I don’t use my laptop anymore since it’s hella shitty and it’s never connected to my wifi for some reason. Due to that I don’t edit on it or post.

Also, obviously I’ve been busy with school, my football games, and other shit. So sorry babes. It’s been a long run, but this is where it ends for me.. officially now

Unless I decide to turn my laptop on and edit for some reason lol.

~Love you guys. Thanks for the support and good-bye!💓

~Orichan. ❤


I found my old head in my files!! I wanted to share it because why not! I hope you guys enjoy! 

Credits to original owners

~My edits~

  • S
  • Color of eyes
  • Streak on face
  • Smile
  • Wink
  • Tongue 


~Original Snickers💛🕷


Woah!! It’s been days.. weeks… a month? Not sure😂😂and I honestly don’t give a flying crapplepie:) 

Hey! Sorry about that^ anyway, heyyy!! Sorry I haven’t been posting inf a while.. school… life.. yeah… well I’m back on era, and I’m back here so yeah.. I will be bringing some fall heads for you lovely humans!! So hope you guys will enjoy!🕷🐿🍂🍁

~Original Snickers🍂👻