Take em idc

I’m giving you this because someone threatened to ifile me so I sold them and now I’m giving them to you guys! It’s amazing how mean people can be😒~Kathy


moreeeee ahhhh:oooo

Hey guys! I’m back with more edits!! 😉
I hope you guys enjoy them ❤
…Sorry, guys.. It’s for girls 😉 XD
changed emotions, recolored hair (except for the blackish and teal head), recolored body extensions, added watermark, added gif.
~second head of each set blinks!!~
And yes, I realize only one body is different from the others lol. It was like that though so xD
1   1gif.gif   1body.png   2   2gif.gif   2body   3   3gif   3body   4   4gif   4body
~ Creds to lyviagfx ~
~Orichan. ❤

Hi guyss!

I’m an new member of TRPG! But i am also happy to be working with these amazing gfx artists!My name is Kathy and i mostly edit heads and bodies but i can make it a total different head if you need me too. Btw i don’t do GIF heads YET but I’m workin’ on it 😃 Anywhooooooo i will be posting alot unless I’m busy so stay tuned for amazing new posts Byee and ty for following The random people gfx!~Kathy


Hoi hoi hoi guys! 😀
Here’s a GUY head I edited XD and yes I had to emphasize the word ‘guy’ because I barely edit those anymore. Lmfaoo.
Still might be inactive for this website. (Bc school aka hell ofc)
Well, here.
Enjoyyyy! ❤
~ Creds to.. google ~
Yes… I will add a link to google even though EVERYONE should know what to type in for google XD
~Orichan. ❤
-Changed grabbing emotions
Added watermark
-Changed grabbing emotions
-Added gif.
-Added watermark
boyhead2.png   boyhead3.gif
I’ll try to edit a whole lot today ❤