newwwww head

Hoi babes 😉 Here’s a head i editeddd
Enjoy 😀
-Recolored hair
-Edited emotions
Very light brown head with blondish tips // head without extensions
~ Creds to ~
~Orichan. ❤


idek.. i saw this body on graal depot cus i really wanted it.. and i realized it had a backpack.. i didnt want the backpack so i spent 40 minutes redoing the body onto another body that didnt have a the backpack.. idk if there is one out there without a backpack but here is the one i redid and indexed without the backpack if that make any sense.. and i forgot to remove the sleeve thing around the neck.. thing.. great.. ill post it without later..


eh yea.. lol.. enjoy?

-odrie ❤


Eh why not.. this was suppose to be for a friend but he didnt want it.. ;_;

first one blinks

credits to starbucksgfx

all i did was move some of the red hair to the black to create red tips and stuff, changed emotion things, did gif..

lol bye

 -Odrie ❤


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting edits and stuff for y’all 😓

To be honest I’ve actually been pretty lazy 😂 Also I don’t spend much time on my laptop anymore..

but maybe tomorrow or the next day I’ll start editing again ❤️ 😄

still haven’t gotten our hat shop😭😡😣 CRI

~Orichan. 💛