onetwoboth blink and do the white thing i was too lazy to do the black and red one cuz it took forever do do these ones and im still a nub at gimp…  credits to starbucksgfx

-Odrie ❤



this is me yeah yeah go a head and make fun of my horrible stats,

i forgot to tell you strangers that im also in the gang Dipping Sauce

Now lets  get serious here

People are still saying that Snickers uploads are horrible and shit like that THEY ARE AMAZING LIKE UNICORNS EATING YOUR FOOD AND THROWING IT AT YOUR ENEMY.

Now if you love snickers upoalds she posts put this in your status

#ILoveSnicks! ❤

pm me and you’ll get a free cookie. i only have 44 cookies left.

lets show those horrible people that snickers uplaods are amazing like unicorns eating your food and throwing it at your enemy.


-Odrie ❤

i dunno what gif’s i should do more…

ill leave it up to you strangers

-Odrie ❤




Blink: 25 shovels or 50 tro

blink to a different eye color: 37 shovels or 75 tro

blink+fire: 50 shovels or 100 tro


recolor: 10 shovels or 20 tro

add name or letter: 10 shovels or 20 tro

add scar,piercing,smile, or etc.: 10 shovels or 20 tro


Index: 25 shovels or 50 tro

anything else that im too lazy to think of: 10-25 shovels or 20-50 tro

i will only take requests from era

my graal name is


Banana Odrie, or

Banana Hobo Odrie.

gangs im in


(GraalTubers), or


-Odrie ❤

jfvebfjdfhudfvhfvbjdfvhjdafjvhfj vh ef  i dunno this site has barely any guy head and stuff so ill be posting more guy stuff rather than girl uploads and shit…

credits to the original owner(s)

im taking requests still ill make a post of that later… or after this post.. yea after this post..

-Odrie ❤

lk i wasa too lazy to do the body since i need to recolor the braids and amke it cc again.. idk if i ever made a blonde version of this but credits to emmr, and the other original owners and stuff

(i combined two heads to make this b4 dont yell at me okay -.-)


right im back kinda im taking requests so ask whenever

gangs im in:  (GraalTuber) and (iTuber)

yes you have to pay in tro cuz im broke xd (mainly cuz i need a body upload but whateves)

k bye

-odrie ❤


^^ <3

Hey guys! Long time no…. uh.., talk? see? idek XD but anyways, here’s a head with small edits. I’m just posting because well, no one else is anymore. I’m still not posting daily though, so don’t misunderstand XD 🙂
Edited By : Me 😀
~ Creds to ~
Enjoy! ❤
~How are your summers going? I probably worded this wrong, but that doesn’t matter cx If it’s amazing then YAY!! ❤