img_4962 this is  my personal i had put the mouth  so far o my gawd soo yea ive been so inative because i was workin on my edits so yea


aye ayeeee!

Hey guys! So I have officially quit gfx & the website!! 🙂 I really hope Snickers, CD, & Dom (if they will still post..) will keep this website going 😀 ❤ I also hope you guys will enjoy our edits too ❤ ❤

~Goodbye my bootyful hoomans ❤ ilyyyyyy ❤


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Be been very caught up in my summer that I forgot about you guys!! 😢😂😂I will try to edit some heads for you guys, can’t promise a lot tho!!! 

Love y’all!!

~Original Snickers😘


img_1258img_1259img_1260img_1166just some nice people that got the uploads ive edited and gif-ed, and ItzAsh has been with our site from almost the beginning! 🙂

*were personals then people accused of me stealing and iFiling and shit*

anyways im going to be more inactive

*people screams YASSSS!*

anyways if you want to stalk me i have a Instagram that i will not mention the name because of raisins. yes raisins. mainly because im scared of people going to my house and living there without anyones notice.. XD

heres a drawing i colored XD


-I’ll take my shit away now Odrie. ❤

1st post in a while!!

Hey guys! Here are some heads for you guys 🙂 I know I said I’d be posting “once a while”, but I won’t be on my laptop much. Also, when I’m done with school and summer starts, I will be quitting graal. (And NO I’m not giving anything away so don’t ask ._.) I can’t post my personal uploads for you guys when I quit because I accidentally deleted them on my file XD But anyways here!! ❤
Recolored & Edited By : Me 😀
~ Creds to https://nhigraalgfx.wordpress.com ~ ❤
Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀
~~Orichan .3. ❤ ❤ ❤


Been awhile idc

 Y’all been asking me whered i got this cat head from and im tired of replying its an edit and shit here. Two heads.

Credits to original owners and all that good shit


Fuck off! 

You know what, I got a comment from someone who made a site called “GoSuckADickSnickers” Like Tf! You ever you are fucking pm me! That’s if you aren’t scared… Like wtf man. Sorry for swearing but like. Grow up and get a life. My edits are becoming famous. Why Tf can’t you just leave me alone?! 🖕🏻 if you are reading this and you made that site pm me. I dare u. And if you didn’t. I’m sorry for you seeing this. 

Have a great day!!!!! And I will be editing all night so just pm me 

@Original Snickers 💕

Love y’all

~Original Snickers😘