~Original Snickers😘



Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. I won’t be posting for a while because I have a lot of testing and I can’t fail that😉 but I will try my best to post some of my customs and edits! Thanks for understand 😜

~Original Snickers😘

greeeeeeeengreeeeeeeenImage (100)



I deleted this set cuz of surgical issues i have with myself..

anyways i think the credits goes to

cool bang thing; loxo (i think i forgot but credits to original)

middle one; i think it was kezzy (i forgot but credits to original)

braid; i think it is emmr

earing; jenneh

first one blinks and winks second one doesnt blink or wink.

i reuse the preview and what i did cuz im a lazy person.

fuck you if you think i ifile i fucking dont bitch.

i should really stop cussing…

you can ask me to draw you cus im bored as shit..

spam me on my era account for me to draw you

my name is

Odrie (GraalTuber)

or if that doesnt show up them im the leader of


kay bye




hey guys!! IM SO SORRY I HAVENT BEEN POSTING 😦 😦 ! I’m still busy with my research paper and other school work! But I will be posting tomorrow (maybe)
But here’s my head!! 🙂
PLZ ENJOY!!!!!!!! XD ❤ ily guys