Can’t playyy

hey guys! So sorry if I’m not posting because Im not allowed to play games soo.. Also I’m confused and sad right now. Are you leaving me CD? 😦 Please don’t leave >.> I can’t do this without you! Forget all the hate comments please 😦 I need you here with me to help me 😦 Please, please stay here and keep doing more gfx for all the hoomans who love you!! ❤ I might not post for a while, but i dont know how long. so sorry, my bootyful, bootyful hoomans! ❤

-Orichan. 🙂



I will be picking the winner for the personal contest thing one the 18th of march.



Fan of the Month Winner!

Hey guys! I’m here to announce the winner of the Fan of the Month! I will add the new page after this also XD SOOOOO the winner isssssss………………

[Hey] ItzAsh!
She will be getting a personal edit from me today or whenever she comes on 🙂 ❤
Here’s her profile!

*Good Job on winning the Fan of the Month Contest!*

Hey since i havent posted in a while im going to do another rant about soemthing useless XD Okay thsi will have many misspelled words i wont correct.

So this girl named gamergirl leader of Panda Protection Program, i was playing like normal and doing car misions. I got the mission to speedy pizza normally i would take the dangerous route that leads me to 15 hp. Gamergirl come up and tries to kill me with her flamethrower. i was in a non pk area trying to pick up the guy. AND SHE TRIES TO KILL ME IN THE NON PK AREA ANYWAYS. So when i get out onto the pk area she gets me to 30 soemthing hp and i take the longets cut ever. AND SHE STILL TRIES TO KILL ME IN THE PK AND NON PK AREA. I finally got to my destantion and she kills me 2 times before i could even move 3 feet. I told orichan about thi and she said she knows her. She started pming to her and this is what orichan told me what she said. adn this is her profile..


The previous message: “she said that you never gave credits to the person who made the actually custom and other things”. Scorll down to the preview of the customs. I SAID “CREDITS TO JENNEHGX AND EMMR” WTF!!! ILL SHOW YOU THE STEPS I DID TO MAKE THE HEAD SMFH.


  1. recolored it so it can look like the color of second head,
  2. I made the head into with or without extensions.
  3. Changed eye color to teal
  4. changed emotions
  5. Made it blink with fire gif
  6. name the file qlk.gif
  7. uploaded to myself
  8. 2 months later… GamerGirl (read story above)
  9. GamerGirl said (read orichans pm above)
  10. I posted this rant.

Okay thank you for reading XD i might post these customs i have maybe im not sure doe…


-C.D ❤






Hey guys! So I’ve been talking to a really nice fan today, and she made me think of starting to do a Fan of the Month 😀 ! So I asked CD what she thinks about the idea, and she said sure!! SOOOO starting this month there will be a Fan of the Month 🙂 ❤



This will happen each month.
The Fan of the Month will be able to get a free personal edit from CD or me.
But the fan must have $30k ($30,000) before we actually edit for them!! 
The personal edit will be of the fan’s choice.
CD will get to do next month, then me, CD, and the pattern will continue on like that.
I will put up a page called “Fan of the Month!” I will format it first, and CD will format it the same way as me.
Also we’ll put up a picture of their profile. 🙂
CD and I can have as much time as we want to choose our Fan of the Month, just as long as it’s not at the end of the month. (obviously!)
*This month I will be choosing! (Orichan)


If you want to be our Fan of the Month than enter my (or CD’s depending on whose turn it is) house and leave a nice message in our mailbox! 😀
❤ ~Whoever has the best and nicest message ever (which is chosen by the person choosing) gets to be the fan of the month!!~ ❤


~Orichan! 😀