Title -C.D

I’m sorry for being inactive again 😦

but I have half the edits done. 😀

I can’t finish the rest because art studio decides to be a d*** and not let me edit stuff… I’m sorry..

anyways I see we have new things around here.. 😮

in a good way I will try and finish the edits and stuff. 🙂 oh I will change the boy bodies to only one body..

Good Bai




November. 30th 2015!


efgufihsadhr -Ori

Heyo guys! 😀 So as you all can see I have changed the header to the Christmas one 😀 😀

Do you guys like it?! :DDDDD 🙂

Hope you guys do :3 ❤

I will make a New Year’s header for y’all later and set it when it’s January or earlier 🙂

~Stay Bootyful & Keep Showing Love~tumblr_inline_myocak38IH1rfepr2


IDuntLiekTitles -Ori


Ori’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! tumblr_inline_n1hgborc3z1qbs47q1

I came home yesterday and couldn’t edit because I was sooo tired x.x I spent my entire Saturday in the car on the way home XD

Anywayss, here’s an upload I edited ! 😀


Credits to original owner(s)! ❤

And if the body that looks cc (color changeable) doesn’t turn out to be cc I’m sorry ;-;

I dun’t know how to change bodies to cc ones 😦

Other than that, hope you enjoy your lovely Sunday and this upload!! 😀 😉

~Stay Bootyful & Keep Showing Love~

Hey :) -Ori

Hey guys!!!!! 😀

Look who’s here!

Unfortunately, I still can’t upload anything for you guys because I’m using my cousin’s laptop rn and she doesn’t have paint.net so..

Anyways, I’ve updated the Heads & Bodies Section because CD told me to, as she said in her post. XD

And if you guys want me to update the header to the Christmas one earlier than pm me on Graal Era!

~Stay Bootyful & Keep Showing Love~ ❤ :*

I’m sorry… -c.d

I’m sorry do not posting in a while.. But I’m working on a rainbow set of stuff.. Witch is like 24 uploads 12 bodies and 12 heads 6 girl heads 6 boy heads 6 girl bodies and 6 boy bodies.

so I hope these uploads will make up for my inactive ness 🙂 okai… Bai


-C.D ❤



orichan you should maybe update the heads and bodies…


Bad news guys :(

Hey guys, sooo, I know I said I’d edit uploads and stuff during the Thanksgiving break since i was gonna be on vacation but…

I can’t bring my laptop on vacation because I have to spend more time with my family and etc. so sorry 😦

I’ll try to edit uploads after the break but if I can’t than I’ll punch myself in the face ;~;

*Hope this is okay with you guys while I’m spending time with my family…

~Sorry.. 😦 D: 😦 😦

~Stay Bootyful & Keep Showing Love..?~

Sad news.. -C.D

Guys.. I can’t edit at the moment.. Those Jeff the killer customs will have to wait.. ;-; 😦

Why I can’t edit? For me ArtStudio keeps crashing.. it’s every time I try to import something ;-; so.. I might have to start editing on the computer until ArtStudio stops crashing.. ;-; good bye and enjoy this..

K guys… Bai

-C.D ❤



#PrayForParis C.D

Okiiiiiiii ummmm, the title.. Yea… Sorry I got lazy with the uploads I was suppose to post.. I promise I will post them some time later in time..

so snk said dis


Theres a new bg for #PrayForParis…

thats the only new I have… Lel… I’m bored.. Lemme go eat a tub of ice cream and food…