-June 21, 2017.

ARGHHHH. I lie to y’all too much smh ;-; Sorry I haven’t been posting !!! DX Again, I got rlly lazy, but I think I can post tmr.     I’ll finish the edits I was suppose to finish a while ago [the one w the moon gif]. Welp, cya tmr ! [maybe?¿] ❤


Update..:                                                              -June 22, 2017.

Rip. I forgot to post today. Tbh i don’t even know when imma post🤷🏻‍♀️ … JUS LOOK OUT FOR A POST SOON! [HOPEFULLY]




credits to azngirlzgfx and cruzgfx

the first set I just removed the ponytail, changed some of the skin shading, and changed some of the emotions

the second set I combined the curls from cruzgfx to the bun head from azngirlzgfx and changed some of the skin shading and emotions.

third set I combined the first edit and the curls

*posts the day after I will go inactive*

I would add braid versions but I’m lazy xc

pm me if you want recolors or a different gif.

** ❤ small early 100k special thing bc I will hold off like 84783 days until I post the actual 100k special so yea xd ❤ **

bye ❤

-ally/cd ❤


Wow, hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t been doing anything at all since my accident, hopefully you guys understand, I will be doing some requests so just pm me in graal at Lights D.V. Lucero If that doesn’t work for you look up the gang Purge Inc

Welp, alrighty ttyl everyone (I will post something soon)



I tried, I really did xd

I’m back to being an inactive editor again lol.

I still take requests. [prices and info in my house]

I mostly change my name a lot but im the leader of boba

img_3954 <- I have a new shitty upload lol

k bye

-ally/cd ❤


Well took me forever to do this guy head from outcasted lmfao. But I’m done so,it’s not perfect cause yanno it’s just my practice work,I’ll get better I promise. But if you want this head just take it,up to you. Enjoy~Kathy/Mona